5 Trading Platforms To Consider in Malaysia

When it comes to financial independence, there’s no better tool in the shed than investments, with stock trading among the popular option. Whether you’re an eager investor that can’t wait for opening day or the long-term investor that just buys your stocks and then deliberately forgets about it until years later, here are 5 of the online brokers and trading platforms available in Malaysia.


For the new investor looking to get into the game, you cannot go wrong with eToro. As one of the best trading platforms in recent years, eToro is well-loved by newcomers thanks to its user-friendly interface that gives them direct access to over 2400 stocks and 250 ETFs trading with private equities that are listed across 17 international markets.

The platform even provides access to trade in cryptocurrencies, commodities, and the FOREX market. While cryptocurrencies were not as hot as they were a couple of years ago due to shenanigans from FTX, you can rest assured that eToro will be very much here to stay.

With eToro, investors can even trade in cryptocurrencies, commodities, and FOREX


For individuals and groups that are more religiously inclined towards their portfolio, Maybank Trade is the way to go since it provides both Shariah compliant and conventional accounts for investors to leverage your financial wealth.

While the commission fee is relatively high at RM10.60 as the minimum, there is an undeniable confidence in trading from a broker that is directly tied to arguably Malaysia’s biggest and most reputable bank. In addition, Maybank Trading gives you the option to visit their nearest branch whenever you have any trading-related issues. 

Shariah compliant trading accounts with Maybank Trade


Another platform that’s ideal for new investors looking to safeguard their wealth, MiTrade is a reputable broker that’s based in Australia and here to serve in Malaysia. The platform comes with a user-friendly app that caters for investors ranging from novices to veterans. It even provides leverage and short-selling.

Besides that, talk around the market also highlights the platform’s services at a convenient speed, secure data protection, and compatibility with all types of smartphones and mobile devices, allowing you to trade without interruption.

Providing traders with easy access to a diversified global market.

RHB Investment Bank Berhad

With RHB TradeSmart, you get a comprehensive trading platform that provides real-time market data and news, as well as research and analysis tools to help users make informed investment decisions. The platform also comes with a user-friendly mobile app that makes it easy for new investors to get started and for existing investors to access their portfolios and execute trades on-the-go. While it may be bogged down with a lengthy 3-day registration process and relatively high broker costs, its other benefits clearly outshine any downsides.

Access to a wide range of investment and trading products in local and global markets.

For investors who would like a helping hand, is another great broker that comes with one of the best mobile trading apps in the market. The platform also comes with a unique selling point where it can be used as a channel to learn about trading and investments, thanks to a wide variety of webinar articles, videos, and real-time market analysis.

Once you’re done learning from the experts on the platform, you can get access to over 3000 financial instruments that include over 2400 stocks from around the world with zero commission fees that has over 780,000 happy investors coming back for more.

Access to a wide range of investment and trading products in local and global markets.


While it is important for you as an investor to identify which platform suits you the best, these are the 5 trading platforms that we believe can help you build a long and sustainable wealth. Since you’re already here, stick around with us at PEGH to learn more about us and companies that we believe are worth keeping an eye out for.

Who knows, one of them could be a long-term investment in the trading platform of your choice.