Best Starting Jobs For A Career In Finance: A PEGH Perspective

Growing up, many Asian parents have traditionally guided their children towards careers they perceive as successful, such as in medicine, architecture, accounting, or law. These fields are known for their lucrative pay for those who excel. Among the esteemed options, knowledgeable parents often suggest finance and investing, a sector promising substantial financial rewards, potentially reaching a lucrative monthly salary before one’s thirties.

It is important to note, however, that not every entry-level job offers the same prospects. Some positions may lead to a dead end, and others are so rigorous that you might find yourself submitting a resignation before the first anniversary of your employment — an occurrence not uncommon in this high-pressure industry. Nonetheless, for those who aspire to a fulfilling career in finance and investing, we at PEGH recommend several promising positions for recent graduates.

Diverse Careers in Finance: Find Your Path

Financial Analyst

  • Role: Conducts financial research, data analysis, and report preparation to support business investment decisions.
  • Skills & Tasks: Requires strong analytical abilities, attention to detail, and financial modelling expertise.
  • Prospects: Promises career growth within finance and valuable knowledge for personal investment strategies, leading to potential early retirement.


Investment Banking Analyst

  • Role: Works with senior bankers on financial transactions like mergers, acquisitions, and restructuring.
  • Skills & Tasks: Engages in financial modelling, industry research, and presentation creation for clients.
  • Prospects: Offers learning opportunities, networking, and involvement in notable transactions, with significant work highlighted in top business publications.


Financial Planner / Advisor

  • Role: Provides personal financial guidance to individuals or families, including budgeting, retirement, and investment management.
  • Skills & Tasks: Focuses on client relationship management, financial analysis, and financial planning strategy support.
  • Prospects: Comes with the potential for high earnings, flexible work hours, and the option to specialize in a chosen field.


Private Equity Associate

  • Role: Analyses key documents and assists in deal-making processes within private equity.
  • Skills & Tasks: analysing confidential information memorandums (CIMs) and marketing materials, ideating and proposing new investment deals, scrutinizing financial performance of portfolio companies, assessing potential acquisitions and performing market research for company growth potential.
  • Prospects: Involves a range of critical and strategic responsibilities in the private equity sector, with opportunities for direct impact on investment decisions and company growth.


Working in private equity offers a distinctive viewpoint within the financial and investment landscape, distinct from the roles previously mentioned. At PEGH, we pride ourselves on being deeply committed to the sustainability efforts of our region and the promotion of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles. This commitment aids our partner companies in becoming more eco-friendly and in cultivating a safer and more equitable workplace for all.

For those who are passionate about a career in finance and are confident in their ability to drive meaningful change, PEGH is eager to connect. We encourage you to reach out to us if you are ready to contribute to a future where finance and social responsibility converge.

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