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Learning and Development

Learning and development

  • Top performance
  • Hands-on
  • Empowering
  • Mentoring
  • Pool of talents
  • Global exposure

Equal Opportunities

Equal opportunities for all

  • Ideas matter
  • Autonomy
  • Inclusion
  • Diversified
  • Transparency
  • Liberal

Vibrant and Creative

Vibrant and Creative

  • Fast-paced
  • Spatial
  • Connectivity
  • Lively
  • Innovation

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement Activities

  • Brainstorming
  • Team building
  • Annual trip
  • Corporate functions
  • Festive events

Internship Program

PEGH’s unique and comprehensive Associate Program is a 10-week immersion into the small, dynamic teams that drive PEGH’s investment strategies. You will work closely day to day with colleagues at every level, experiencing what it means to be a member of the firm. This programs includes courses, seminars, mentoring, performance evaluations, networking, social events and speakers. To apply, you should be a first-year degree holder or Master or university student with an excellent academic record. Other skills like strong analytical and thinking skills and a desire for proper work ethic and conduct. For more information, please contact our Human Resource office across the regions.

Growing With Our Global Perspective

You’ll find that we partner across regions, as well as businesses, and we all share a global perspective. From any PEGH office, you are connected to our clients and stakeholders across the globe. PEGH is a relatively small organization, but we pride ourselves in providing unique opportunities to our investors, thanks to our people around the world.

You Are Free To Contribute

From Day One at PEGH, you’re invited to join in and bring your own point of view to discussions. We have a flat organization where the best of our discussions. We have a flat organization where the best of our discussion inspires us to find value for our clients and stakeholders. In fact, we value your contribution and look forward to inputs from you everyday.

Explore Career Opportunities

PEGH offers talented people like you a variety of career opportunities in our different businesses and regions. You can search all our current openings by position, type of business, or location. We look forward to talk to you.

Challenging You to Achieve Beyond

Work at PEGH and you’ll be pushed to achieve more than you ever thought possible. We are known for taking on the most complex challenges, and for growing our own success stories. You will thrive – if you have the will to learn, the courage to excel and the strength to raise your capability, we will teach you to raise the bar.

Making you one of us

Even after so many years. PEGH still feels like a small firm. Our people love to connect. In October, we transform our Kuala Lumpur HQ and office for our legendary Investors event. In other months, we look forward to helping the needy and the environment via our donations and joining their events. Because we believe in volunteerism, you’ll be invited and encouraged to join in oud philanthropic partnerships. We have a list of strategic charitable partners domestically and around the world. While we are a business, we do focus on helping the communities where we live and work in humanitarian gesture to those in need.

Expecting you share and work in a team

At PEGH, we rely on each other to succeed – and wherever you sit at the firm, that means you. We are a fully integrated business, so we talk to each other. When you share information and ideas at PEGH, you help us find the uncommon opportunities we’re known for.

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