Corporate Governance

As a fully responsible private equity firm dedicated to corporate transparency and investor protection, PEGH is fully committed to transparency and as such, we subscribe to the relevant and applicable principles of corporate governance requirements. While we are not a listed entity, we strive to comply with the strong corporate governance framework of public regulatory authorities such as that of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (Bursa Malaysia) or the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance as an added commitment of good oversight on our part.

Our Corporate Governance Framework

The Board and Management of PEGH are committed to the highest standards of corporate governance and have implemented the PEGH Corporate Governance Framework at the company level, while advocating good governance practices within that Framework to all portfolio companies that we invest in. A pragmatic corporate governance framework has been developed, approved by the Board and adopted by PEGH based on the following principles:

Proper transparency. accountability and oversight in all our actions and a commitment to investor protection

To strive for long term value creation for all our shareholders and stakeholders and to manage all our risks and returns appropriately

To promote traits of innovation and entrepreneurship within our group through leadership by example and in still a healthy culture of proper over sight and good governance framework
As part of best practice in good corporate governance, the PEGH Board of Directors has adopted a Governance Charter that delineates the key governance principles to be adhered to by the Board and the Company. The charter addresses, among others, the following matters:

Duties and Responsibilities of the Board; Composition of the Board; Code of Conduct; Delegation of Authority;

The adopted Governance Charter sets out the key values, principles and corporate governance framework of PEGH. In this regard, the Goverance Charter serves not only as a reminder of the Board’s roles and responsibilities, but also as a general statement of intent and expectation as to how the Board will discharge its duties.
To assist the PEGH Board in the efficient discharge of its responsibilities in providing independent oversight of the Company’s management, a number of board committees (Board Committees) have been established, as set out below:
  1. Investment Committee (IC);
  2. Risk Management Committee (RMC);
  1. Provide assistance to the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities particularly relating to business ethics, policies and financial management control;
  2. Ensure effective corporate governance, internal controls and financial reporting practices.
The Investment Committee shall be made up of appropriate Senior Management and Board Directors. They shall ensure investment decisions are made on a timely basis with adequate oversight, due diligence and strong accountability.The key responsibilities and functions of the Investment Committee include:
  1. approving recommendation of all investment and divestment decisions made by PEGH;
  2. approving all decisions pertaining to the management of all investments made by PEGH; and
  3. making a proper oversight of all investment policies and processes.
The Terms of Reference of the main Board Committees can be downloaded below:

At PE Group, we adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance and aim to adopt global best practices throughout our operations. We also uphold global private equity best practices in ensuring fair and prompt disclosure of information with regard to all investments. We have formulated a detailed Disclosure Policy which can be be viewed at: