PEGH is incredibly honoured that Dato’ Sri Dr. Sherwin Chew & Dato’ CK Cheong are nominated for the McMillan Woods Global Awards 2022

PEGH is incredibly honoured that Dato’ Sri Dr. Sherwin Chew is invited to the McMillan Woods (McM) Global Awards 2022: Vol 9 on Friday, 11 November 2022 to receive the Dynamic Personage of The Year award and PEGH for Restructuring & Corporate Turnaround Exercise awards.

This award is a recognition of being among successful global entrepreneurs and business visionaries across all industry sectors dedicated to contributing toward global economic and social development.

This award will also further encourage our determination to stay competitive and overcome the various challenges globally. In addition, our participation will contribute to the CSR initiatives as McM donates all net collections to help the less fortunate and underprivileged societies.

McMillan Woods Global Awards
The inaugural McMillan Woods Global Awards is to highlight and recognize the achievements of global leading business visionaries across all industry sectors and honour their great contributions towards global economic development.

The annual global award ceremony is aimed not only to recognise their achievements and successes but to further encourage the determination to stay competitive and to overcome the many challenges globally.

The key objectives of the global awards are primarily:

  • As a mark of recognition towards the achievement attained by the business;
  • As a mark of honour and encouragement to the entrepreneurs and businesses;
  • Development of new business and upgrading of existing business; and
  • As a catalyst of growth for the global economic drivers.

Dato’ Sri Dr Sherwin Chew
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

We are honoured and grateful to receive recognition from the McMillan Woods Global Awards toward the end of 2022. I would like to thank our team for their support, as without whom this award would not have been possible.

We can foresee that there will be a financial crisis in 2023, and it has caused panic, evident in the current turbulent stock market. If you ask me how to avoid being affected, it is to be prepared and find a way to survive in the storm.

Whether there will be a crisis or not, it is how we seize the opportunities that come with it, and if one has made enough preparations for the opportunities.

Believe in yourself, be prepared, and wait for the moment to shine.

Dato’ CK Cheong
Chief Operating Officer

Thanks to McMillan Woods Global Awards for the affirmation and support of PEGH!

With the major reshuffle of the pandemic in the past two years, we have seen many companies have unfortunately been submerged in this financial storm. But we could also see there are many businesses that have transformed and there are also many rising stars who have risen during this difficult time.

In the post-pandemic era, risks and opportunities coexist, and foreign capital has begun to return to the Malaysian market. Next year will be a critical year for us to take advantage of this wave to achieve sustainable economic growth… And, we are ready for it.

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