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McMillian Award Event Photos
PEGH is incredibly honoured that Dato' Sri Dr. Sherwin Chew & Dato' CK Cheong are nominated for the McMillan Woods Global Awards 2022
Media PEGH is incredibly honoured that Dato’ Sri Dr. Sherwin Chew is invited to the McMillan Woods...
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PEGH New Year celebration photo
PEGH CNY 2022 Appreciation Dinner
MediaWe are delighted and would like to express our gratitude to everyone who came and made PEGH...
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PEGH Being Featured by The Busy Weekly Magazine!
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Blog & Article

Where Should I Invest My Money in Malaysia?
Whether you have been living in Malaysia all your life or are an expat planting your roots here, the...
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2023 Dec PEGH Post 3 Blog Cover
United in Finances - Smart Money Moves for Young Couples
Love is a foundational element of life, motivating us to strive harder and weather challenges, especially...
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2023 Oct PEGH Post 7 Blog Cover
Understanding the Global Economy in 2023
Analysing IMF’s Projections for the $105 trillion world economy and the major shifts in global power According...
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Top 10 Private Equity Firms In The World
Private equity is a form of investment that involves the purchase of equity in companies that are not...
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Top 10 Biggest Public Companies of 2022
While some mainstays have held their positions as top dogs throughout 2022, we've also seen new faces...
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2024 Jan PEGH Post 8 Blog Cover
The Future of Alternative Investments in Asia: A PEGH Perspective
At PEGH, we are keenly attuned to the transformative potential of alternative investments in Asia. To...
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2023 Nov PEGH Post 7 Blog Cover
The Freelancer’s Guide To Income Tax
Whether you’re a full-time freelancer who has never set foot in an office, a part-timer fresh out...
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PEGH Blog 8 Striving as One Blog Cover
Striving As One
When someone decides to take the big step into being an entrepreneur and starting their own business,...
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The word  value and growth on wood  for business concept 3d rend
Stocks vs Bonds
Media When it comes to investing, two of the most common financial instruments are stocks and bonds....
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