PEGH x Scanwolf Corporation Berhad

In 2022, PEGH set out to go beyond SMEs, to investing in and partnering with the larger companies, in order to excelerate our impact on value creation and Malaysia’s business community as a whole, through sustainable practices. Nothing epitomises this better than the very first move of the new PEGH – our investment in and partnership with Scanwolf Corporation Berhad. It serves as a significant milestone of PEGH’s commitment towards its new vision – Stepping Towards Sustainability.

Stepping Towards Sustainability

Founded in 1995 and listed as SCANWOLF (7239) on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad since 2007, Scanwolf Corporation Berhad is a premier manufacturer of plastic and flooring products, as well as a property developer. From resilient flooring, furniture profiles, architectural fittings to property, Scanwolf products are the unsung heroes that make other appliances, structures and daily routines work. Its wide-reaching impact embodies what PEGH strives for in going beyond SMEs.

Scanwolf Factory in Tronoh, Perak

Take Scanwolf’s flooring division. It is home to premium vinyl flooring that provides a comfortable, easy to clean, and resilient surface to walk on. As the country’s leading flooring supplier, Scanwolf outputs over 1.6 million m2 of flooring products. This is in addition to the 7,200 tonnes of plastic products by its plastic division that go all around Malaysia, Asia Pacific and the rest of the world.

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Strategic collaboration of Scanwolf, Signature and Sorento in Scanwolf Flooring flagship store

Aware that the company can have a significant carbon footprint due to its output of plastic products, Scanwolf made considerable changes to the composition used to create its flooring products. Today, the 1.6 million m2 of Scanwolf’s premium vinyl flooring is made from 95% recyclable materials, going a long way to reduce its impact on the environment and reduce its overall wastage.

Scanwolf Premium Vinyl Flooring, Made with 95% Recyclable Materials

While this action can be considered by most as a penultimate move towards safeguarding the environment, Scanwolf considers this as just the first step in its journey. PEGH and Scanwolf have begun working together, towards their shared goal of stepping towards sustainability. Though the road ahead may still be long, both companies are aligned on ESG (environmental, social & governance) as a strong guiding force towards achieving greater possibilities in the future.

This unity between PEGH and Scanwolf also underlines the importance of PEGH’s new direction, given that sustainability initiatives in local private equity market is still in its early development stage. We believe that the bigger the companies, the bigger their impact on the environment and the people living within it. More organizations need to include ESG as part of their business concerns moving forward. Only then, will we have a brighter future for our country as well as for the investment community in Malaysia.

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