Top Management

Dato Sri Sherwin Chew

Dato Sri Dr. Sherwin Chew,


  • Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Potential Excelerate Group Holding (PEGH)

  • Deputy Chairman of Scanwolf Corporation Berhad

  • Founder of Actcelerate International Group Ltd (AIG)

  • Vice President of China Foreign Trade

  • Dynamic Personage of the Year 2022 from McMillan Woods (McM) Global Awards 2022: Vol 9

  • Youngest Recipient of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship (APEA) Gold Awards in 2017

  • Top Youth Malaysian to be in the ranks of ‘Hua Shang Ming Ren Tang 華商名人堂 of 2016

  • Featured in ‘Focus Malaysia: Jumping on PE Train’ in October 2016 and ‘Malaysian Reserve: SMEs should look into PE to expand market’ in September 2015

  • Interviewed by CCTV Chinese People Oversea Chanel 4, China in December 2015

  • Panel Speaker of ‘2015 Investment Outlook Forum & Expo’ event organized by Money Compass, sponsored by Kenanga Investor Berhad

  • 10 years’ experience in the finance and business industry
Dato Cheong Chen Khan

Dato CK Cheong,


  • Chief Executive Officer and Director of Actcelerate International Group Ltd (AIG)

  • Executive Director of Scanwolf Corporation Berhad

  • Restructuring & Corporate Turnaround Excellence from McMillan Woods (McM) Global Awards 2022: Vol 9

  • Top Entrepreneur of Year Award 2019

  • Top 20 Young Recipients of Asia Excellence Entrepreneur Foundation Award (AEEF) Malaysia

  • Extensive experience in China market entry strategy, M&A, and Joint Ventures; China Inbound and Outbound investment

  • 10 years’ experience in the manufacturing, trading, and F&B industry

PEGH Organization Structure

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