Empowering Creatives With A Dash Of Sustainability

Whenever the discussion about ESG investing and sustainability is brought up, the Environmental criteria are usually at the forefront. But the social and human elements are also an essential part of sustainability. Thankfully, there is one company that excels in the social criteria, that is Rtist.

In 2016, two Malaysian designer siblings, Tony and Chloe set out to create a creative-focused platform that allows creative talents and businesses to connect and secure jobs and opportunities while saving precious time and resources. Their vision is also to create a positive impact for the creative industry and elevate creative talents within the community. Today, that vision is called Rtist.

Tony and Chloe, both from design backgrounds, co-founders of Rtist

Creative in every corner, Rtist connects businesses with the right local creative talents, as fast as within minutes, benefitting both sides of the equation. Since their inception in 2016, the company has amassed a creative pool of 6,000 creative local talents and deservedly raised RM1,000,000 from Mystartr Equity Crowd Funding. The company also raised an additional RM300,000 from the Cradle Investment Programme.

Besides the monetary support given from investors, the company has also collected numerous awards for their contributions towards empowering the various agents and groups within the creative industry, such as winner of the Selangor Rising Star Award in 2018, 2nd runner-up at Creative@Alibaba Cloud Startup Contest in 2019, and Bronze in the MDA: Best Platform Development Award in 2021. 

With the company’s growing success over a short period of time, it has amassed a huge portfolio of talent and featured works from those who are keen in being part of the today’s trending gig economy. On their popular website, one can find a wide range of talents across multiple categories of work such as art direction and branding, web and app design, illustration, photography and even interior design to name a few.

Over 6,000 creative talents have found work through Rtist

Needless to say, in an era where sourcing niche creative talents may require sifting through tonnes of resumes to find the right needle in the haystack, Rtist has been a godsend to HR and admin departments all over the country.

What makes Rtist an excellent candidate in ESG Investing is the amount of checkboxes the company hits in the Social Criteria. Thanks to their innovative platform that effortlessly connects local creatives from all over the country so quickly with businesses that require their niche skillset, the company has advanced equal opportunities, employee diversity, and community engagement which are all considerations for the Social Criteria of ESG Investing.

As a staunch believer in ESG investing and the impact it can bring for investing Malaysia and the numerous private equity companies within the country, PEGH is impressed with how far Rtist has come within such a short period of time and the impact they have created for creative job-seekers and freelancers across the country. It is for this very reason, PEGH has become an early partner and investor in Rtist.

Over 6,000 creative talents have found work through Rtist

Creating job opportunities across an equal playing field falls within the purview of ESG Investing and PEGH is committed to go the extra mile to support organisations that are playing their part in positively impacting the world and creating sustainability through innovative solutions.