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Why Health and Safety is important?

Health and safety are important considerations for companies because they help protect employees, customers, and other stakeholders from harm, and can also contribute to improved productivity, reduced costs, and enhanced reputation. Compliance with health and safety regulations is also a legal requirement in our country, and failure to comply can result in penalties, legal liabilities, and damage to the company’s reputation.

During the Malaysia Movement Control Order (MCO), we fully complied with the rules and SOPs listed by the government. Our employees were safely working from home and no employees were instructed to return to the office without reasonable notice. 

Our company was allowed to operate at 100% capacity. Returning to the office, all our employees are following the SOPs such as wearing face masks, social distancing, empty seats between working space and office sanitization is conducted regularly.

In this new normal, we make sure our team remains safe and healthy while delivering promising values to our shareholders.

How does PEGH create a Health and
Safety environment?


Comply with Ministry of Health (KKM) for latest update regularly


Fitness Subsidy


Yearly checkup


Mask up in office

Health and Safety Goal

The health and safety of our employees are always our number one priority and having clear goals in place can help to ensure that the organization is doing everything possible to promote the wellbeing of its staff and stakeholders.

Low Injury Rate

Taking proactive steps to identify and mitigate potential hazards in the workplace, such as by conducting regular safety inspections, implementing safety procedures, providing protective equipment, and promoting safety awareness among employees.

Staff Wellness

Creating a positive and productive work environment. This goal involves taking a holistic approach to employee health, which can include initiatives such as providing access to wellness programs and resources, offering mental health support, and promoting work-life balance.

By promoting staff wellness, we can help our employees to maintain good physical and mental health, reduce stress and burnout, and enhance overall job satisfaction and engagement. Other than that, it also positively improves retention rates, attract top talent who value a positive work culture, and enhance their reputation as a responsible and caring employer.

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