Evolving PEGH

When we started our journey back in 2012, PEGH set out on empowering small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to make the transformation into bigger businesses. Over the course of a decade, many entrepreneurs and business owners have seen their dream become a reality with our support and guidance. As evident from our growing network of companies that includes up-and-coming A-listers like Hiredly and Rtist, we are extremely proud of our contributions to the business and investing scene in Malaysia.

Hiredly (formerly WOBB) is the leading hybrid recruitment platform

Rtist is the leading platform connecting businesses to the right local creative talent

However in recent times, the pandemic has shown the world how fragile and unsustainable our systems currently are. Through the course of a single event, the lives and livelihood of billions have been unquestionably affected. This has raised many important questions of how we should act moving forward. In order for mankind to collectively prosper, is it wise for companies to just prioritise financial growth? How can organisations better prioritise the environment and the communities than inhabit it? What are the changes that we need to adopt that can bring about improvements and sustainability to our greater global population?

Let’s be honest, do we want to be live in a world where big companies are constantly reporting record profits at the expense of irreparable environmental damage and human suffering?

While the actions of every individual does matter, we do recognise that PLCs, MNCs, and larger companies as a whole have a far wider impact on affecting the world with every decision and policy that they make.

That is why we have embarked on this journey to shift our priorities beyond just SMEs. PEGH wants to aid the larger companies in moving their businesses towards sustainable practices while assuring every investor that their bottom lines would not be compromised. Instead, they grow with the added benefit of the media and larger public lauding their efforts in going green or lending their hand to the impoverished.

Over the years, PEGH has invested and added value to a wide range of industries. This will not change when we shift beyond SMEs to aid larger companies put in place sustainable and socially conscious policies without compromising the bottom line. Catering to the comprehensive reach of PEGH, Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) is the guiding light on how we strive to help our investment companies operate in a more globally responsible manner.

ESG as PEGH’s guiding light on sustainability

To signal and commemorate the new PEGH with our next-level evolvement, PEGH has been rebranded with a new look, logo and tagline. The first two letters of our company name, PEGH, stand for Potential Excelerate – our vision towards the future and excel with massive potential. Our new tagline – “Stepping Towards Sustainability”, serves as a daily reminder that we are helping companies all over the world build a better shared future.

New PEGH. New Logo.

While we are still at the early stages in our new journey, we are already beginning to participate and see remarkable progress, especially with our partner at Scanwolf, on using recyclable resources for its very own core product. We are excited to share with you later in greater detail soon. Until then, we hope that you stay tuned and look forward to greater things coming from us at the new PEGH – Stepping Towards Sustainability.

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